Herceptin, Roche

Added value for pharma thanks to integrated online campaign

How do you create added value for doctors and nurses for a well-established product that can be the matter of life and death? To this end, we have developed an online campaign for European markets that engages scientific and emotional messages and efficiently combines various tactics.

Key visual that stages the subject matter factually and emotionally at the same time.

Our customer engagement capabilities

- Landing page

- Email Campaign

- Web banners

- Bannerkampagne

- Online module "Nursing further education"


Clear messages and intuitive visuals combine science and emotion and convey the desired information in a short, concise and relevant way.

Landing page with clear message and facts about Herceptin.
Landing page with clear messages and key visual. Landingpage with clear statistics in pie charts.
E-mail with patient statements and statistics.

Email Campaign

Series of emails, emotionally adapted, scientifically based, with strong call to action, optimized for conversion.

E-mail with facts about the drug and key visual.


Used on independent websites, the banners with clear messaging and a call to action led to efficient conversions to the landing pages.

Banner facts frame 1 with key visual. Banner facts frame 2 with info chart. Banner Emotions Frame 1 with patient statement. Banner Emotions Frame 2 with Info-Chart.
Online module for the further training of specialized nursing staff.

Continuing nursing education

Further training module for specialized nursing staff, which creates added value in terms of content, which further training is recognized for and appeals emotionally.