Zuger Kantonalbank

Internet appearance brought to the bank

Creating a new Internet presence for Zuger Kantonalbank was a challenge that allowed us to fully leverage our abilities. The greatest possible usability and a high degree of self-service were just as much a part of the specifications as SEO optimization and conception and programming of the online presence in responsive design.

Father and son fishing on Lake Zug as friendly and self-aware as the ZKB.

Our customer engagement capabilities

- Corporate Website

- Applications

- Ads

- Posters

- Brochures

- Give-Aways

- Events


Corporate Website

Based on our newly developed branding, we created a corporate website that reflects the values of the Zuger Kantonalbank.

Corporate Website with picture of woman under cherry tree. Corporate website with picture of woman and man in front of wooden house.
Corporate website with offer overview and contact information.
Application for calculating pension assets and capital development simulation.


We have increased the desired self-service level of the site with innovative applications such as a pension calculator, fund savings plan calculator, mortgage calculator, etc.

Application for calculating real estate financing and affordability.


Thanks to our extensive know-how and customer insight, we were able to carry out the photo shoots entirely in-house.

Photo shooting produced in-house, two teenagers in the skater park. Auszug aus Broschüre Intro. Auszug aus Broschüre Übersicht Kernkompetenzen.
Photo shooting produced in-house, two teenagers in the skater park. Photo shooting produced inhouse, couple at fireplace in nature. Fotoshooting inhouse produziert, zwei Frauen beim Wandern in einer Wiese.

Print ads

Parallel to the new website, we created an overall campaign on the topic of "investing", including print ads, posters and brochures.

Excerpt from the brochure front page. Excerpt from brochure Introduction. Excerpt from brochure Overview of core competencies.