Ettinger & Partner

The idea of building construction trust rethought and newly designed.

Efficiency, professionalism and reliability build the foundation for the new company image. Building on this, we have developed a self-aware brand personality that blends business/consulting and architecture and fulfills the high standards of design, quality and professionalism.

Architecturally perfectly staged homepage - simple and stylish.

Our customer engagement capabilities

- Corporate Website


- Letters

- Photo shooting

- Templates


Corporate Website

Both design and structure as well as content convey a maxima of competence in consulting as well as in the field of construction and architecture.

Corporate website entry page with CAD model image. Corporate website scroll-down with various project topics.
Corporate website scroll-down with contact persons or team overview.
CI/CD Letterhead. CI/CD business card.


With the new CI/CD, we have created an appearance that conveys the brand values and personality visually to both external and internal.

CI/CD presentation page Baloise Park.
CI/CD presentation page Ambassador Hotel.


Thanks to our extensive know-how and customer insight, we were able to carry out the photo shoots entirely in-house.

Photo shooting produced in-house, employee Ismail Cinar. Photo shooting produced in-house, co-worker Janine Teixeira.
Photo shooting produced in-house, employee Till Beier. Photo shooting produced in-house, employee.